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"Whispers of the Past."

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Color:Dark green

Neckline: High, with a small standing collar and a ruffled lace trim.
Sleeves: Long, with slight puffiness at the shoulders and fitted from elbow to wrist, finished with lace cuffs.
Length: Full-length, reaching to the ground.
Material: velvet
Waistline: Fitted at the natural waist with a slight gather before the skirt flares out.


In the soft glow of the morning, she stands by the grand wrought-iron gates that guard the entrance to an old manor house. Her attire speaks of a time long past, a rich emerald velvet dress that drapes elegantly to the ground, embodying the grace of the bygone Victorian era. She holds a book close to her, its cover as enigmatic as the serene expression on her face.

She is a scholar, perhaps, or a dreamer who finds solace in the whisper of turning pages. The ruffled lace at her collar and the delicate cuffs at her wrists suggest a gentle station, one of contemplation and quiet dignity. Her gaze is downward, reflective, lost in thought, or maybe absorbing the words from the lines she just read.

The world around her is waking up, but she is already immersed in a narrative that transcends time and place. She could be a poet finding her muse in the tranquility of the morning, or an heiress seeking the comfort of literature to escape the responsibilities that await her once the gates behind her open to the day.

Her story is unwritten, her emotions a canvas. Is she contemplating a love story that reminds her of her own, or is she gathering strength from a heroine's trials? The silence around her is a cocoon, protecting her in this moment of introspection before the day unfolds.


As a perfume:

 she would be the embodiment of a fragrance that captures the essence of a quiet, dew-laden garden at dawn. The scent would open with fresh, green top notes, reminiscent of the lush velvet of her dress and the life-affirming energy of new beginnings. There would be a subtle crispness, like the turn of a page in a well-loved book, an ode to the classic literature she holds in her hands.

The heart notes would be floral, a delicate blend of jasmine and rose, evoking the vintage lace at her neckline and cuffs, adding a layer of sophistication and femininity. These would be the soul of the perfume, a narrative unfolding on the skin, much like the story that unfolds through her eyes as she reads.

Finally, the base notes would settle into a warm, musky velvet scent with a hint of aged wood—comforting and refined, mirroring the old-world charm of her surroundings and the depth of her thoughts. It would be a fragrance that lingers, leaving a trail of mystery and nostalgia, an invitation to ponder the stories that lie behind the gates of the manor and within the pages of her book.

This perfume would be named "Reflection," a scent designed not just to be worn, but to be experienced, much like the emotional storytelling of her presence by the gates in the quiet morning hours.