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"Whispered Bloom."

Sale price$58.50

Color:Pink mist print Shilan

Neckline: Square neckline with gathered detail
Sleeves: Short puff sleeves
Length: Midi length
Material: silk 
Waistline: Empire waistline with a slight gather


In the quietude of an elegant hallway, a woman stands in contemplation, her gaze lost in a distant thought. She is adorned in a dress of subtle grace, the fabric a canvas where soft pastel flowers bloom, their petals frozen in an eternal spring. The square neckline, gathered gently, frames her visage with an air of openness, as if inviting the world to read the unwritten stories in her eyes.

Her short puff sleeves, a whisper of romance, capture the soft light that filters through the windows, each beam playing upon the floral embroidery like a lover’s caress. The dress clings to her form with an empire waistline, suggesting a youthful innocence, while the length of the dress spills to midi, a bridge between the playful and the demure.

The woman’s presence is a gentle poem, a quiet sonnet sung in the key of introspection. Her hands, clasped lightly before her, are not wrung with worry but held with the poise of one who knows patience. The hallway around her, grand and yet subdued, is a testament to the silent tales that dwell within its walls.

This is a moment suspended, a breath between the chapters of her life. Is she awaiting an encounter, or is she simply there to steal a moment with herself, to listen to the soft whisper of her own heart? The tranquility of her surroundings suggests a world where time meanders, unhurried, where each second is savored, and every sigh is understood.

In the stillness, she is both a part of everything and entirely separate, a solitary figure wrapped in the soft embrace of her own existence. Her story is one of quiet strength, the kind that does not shout but hums, the kind that is felt in the gentle thrum of the heart and seen in the tender bravery of a soul standing alone, yet unafraid.

As a perfume:

Imagining this scene as a fragrance evokes a perfume that captures the essence of a serene, introspective moment, adorned in the soft pastel palette of a floral dress.

Top Notes:
- Cherry Blossom: A delicate floral note reflecting the soft pastel florals of her dress and the gentle springtime atmosphere of the scene.
- Pear: A crisp, sweet fruitiness to echo the lightness and youthful innocence suggested by the empire waistline.

Heart Notes:
- Peony: A lush, romantic heart capturing the bloom of her quiet beauty and the floral embroidery of her attire.
- Lilac: To bring a sense of calm introspection, mirroring the tranquil mood of her contemplative state.

Base Notes:
- White Musk: A clean, subtle base, providing a soft foundation, much like the muted backdrop of the hallway.
- Vanilla: A hint of creamy sweetness, adding a touch of warmth and depth to the fragrance.
- Sandalwood: A creamy, woodsy note to ground the scent, offering a sense of quiet strength and composure.

This perfume would be perfect for someone who embodies quiet elegance and whose presence is as comforting as a whispered secret. It would be a scent that lingers with a soft touch, like a memory of a moment caught between time and emotion, delicate yet enduring.

"Whispered Bloom."
"Whispered Bloom." Sale price$58.50