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"Velours de Rose."

Sale price$71.00

Color:pink purple

Neckline: High neckline
Sleeves: Long bell sleeves
Length: Midi length
Material: houndstooth pattern


In a room where the walls were adorned with the delicate brushstrokes of time, a woman stood in quiet elegance, her attire a blend of classic charm and modern grace. The textured fabric of her jacket, reminiscent of the houndstooth classics, was softened by the hue of blush, while a bow at her neckline added a touch of whimsical sophistication. The bell sleeves, flirtatious in their flare, spoke of a freedom and a joy found in the beauty of tradition.

Her skirt, a cascade of dusky rose velvet, fell to midi length in a gentle drape that celebrated the contours of her form. It was a skirt that moved with a whisper against her steps, echoing the softness of the room's ambiance. The luxurious material caught the light in a subtle dance, the matte sheen a testament to understated opulence.

Above this ensemble, she wore a simple white hat, a nod to a timeless fashion that transcended the changing tides of trends. It rested atop her dark hair like a crown of modernity, framing her porcelain face and the gentle gaze that held stories untold. It was the perfect complement to her look, a balance struck between the demure and the assertive.

This woman, against the backdrop of an interior that spoke of heritage and the quiet dignity of the past, was a portrait of the contemporary lady. Her style was a narrative woven from the threads of history and the fabric of the present, a story told in the language of texture, color, and form. She was an echo of the elegance of the ages, standing serene in a world that rushed on beyond the room's embracing walls.

As a perfume: 

In a setting that whispers of bygone elegance and contemporary charm, a fragrance inspired by the lady in rose would carry the essence of a timeless romance. This scent, enveloping and tender, would be fittingly named "Velours de Rose" — Velvet of the Rose, an ode to the luxurious texture and soft color palette of her attire.

"Velours de Rose" would begin with a delicate breath of pink peppercorn, a spice that gently awakens the senses, much like the subtle yet striking touch of her tweed jacket. It's a scent that promises more, teasing with its lightly floral and fresh, peppery notes.

The heart of the fragrance would unfold like the layers of her rose-hued velvet skirt, revealing the lush, deep notes of damask rose. This central note, rich and velvety in its essence, would capture the depth of the skirt's fabric and the gentle grace in her stance. It would be complemented by the soft, powdery caress of orris, echoing the texture of her jacket and the smoothness of her skin.

The base of "Velours de Rose" would resonate with the warmth of amber and a hint of suede, grounding the scent with an earthy foundation, as enduring as the timeless fashion she embodies. It's a fragrance that lingers in the memory like the lasting impression of her sophisticated silhouette against the classic interior.

"Velours de Rose" would be for the woman who moves with grace and speaks in silent gestures of elegance. It's a perfume for moments steeped in nostalgia yet vibrant with the pulse of the present—a scent that wraps the wearer in a bouquet of past and present, as rich and inviting as the textures she adorns.

"Velours de Rose."
"Velours de Rose." Sale price$71.00