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"Rouge Artisan."

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Neckline: The dress features a modest V-neck that offers a classic and elegant look, suitable for both casual and more formal occasions.

Sleeves: The dress has long sleeves with a tailored fit, ending in cuffs that are accentuated with rectangular button closures, adding a touch of sophistication.

Length: The dress is full-length, flowing down to mid-calf, which gives it a graceful and timeless silhouette.

Material: wool blend

Waistline: The waist is distinctly cinched, featuring a corset-style lacing at the back, which highlights the wearer's figure. The front is adorned with a row of the same rectangular buttons seen on the sleeves, providing both decoration and structure to the dress.



The image you've shared evokes a story of nostalgic elegance and grace. It portrays a young woman dressed in a striking red dress with details that suggest a blend of modern fashion with classic notes. She is in a room surrounded by traditional wicker crafts, which adds a timeless quality to the scene. Her pose is one of gentle self-assurance as she delicately holds onto her hat, a stylish accessory that complements her outfit.

The ambiance suggests a quiet afternoon, perhaps in a quaint shop that smells of straw and history. The woman seems to be caught in a moment of contemplation, her gaze directed away from the camera, as if she's pondering a fond memory or daydreaming about a future event. The choice of red for her dress could symbolize her passion or a bold spirit, and her poised demeanor suggests confidence interlaced with a touch of introspection.

There's a story here of a journey, not necessarily in miles, but in personal growth and self-expression. The baskets and weaves around her symbolize the intricate patterns of life's experiences that shape us. This could be a moment where she's reflecting on her personal achievements or contemplating her next steps in life. The scene is quiet, but the narrative is rich with emotion and potential, like a scene from a film where the protagonist is on the cusp of a new chapter, with the past tenderly cradled in the craft of the present.

As a perfume:

In the form of a perfume, this image translates into a scent that is both timeless and deeply personal, capturing the essence of tradition with a touch of modern sophistication. Let's imagine this fragrance, inspired by the scene:

Top Notes: The first impression is fresh and vibrant with a hint of citrus, perhaps bergamot or blood orange, representing the lively spark in the young woman's eyes.

Middle Notes: As the scent unfolds, it would carry the warm, spicy heart of red rose and clove, embodying the rich, red hue of her dress and the classic beauty of her poise.

Base Notes: The foundation of this fragrance would be grounded in deeper, earthy tones like cedarwood and a touch of vanilla, reminiscent of the surrounding wicker and the comforting, enveloping atmosphere of the shop.


"Rouge Artisan."
"Rouge Artisan." Sale price$74.50