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"Quiet contemplation."

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Neckline: Wide lapel with a contrasting inset creating a layered look
Sleeves: Long sleeves with turned-up cuffs
Length: Full length
Material: wool blend
Waistline: Fitted with a matching fabric belt


In a room steeped in the golden light of a lazy afternoon, a young woman stands by an old writing desk, her thoughts seemingly as scattered as the papers before her. She is dressed in a coat that speaks of a bygone era, its structured fabric hugging her form, the wide lapels framing her as if she is the protagonist of a historical novel.

Her sleeves, rolled up as though ready for work, reveal cuffs that match the soft, light fabric of her blouse underneath. She holds a letter delicately between her fingers, its contents unknown, yet clearly holding a weight far beyond the paper's lightness. The belt cinched at her waist is not just a fashion statement but a metaphorical anchor, holding her in the present as her mind might drift to the past or future.

The room around her is a capsule of time, with feathered pampas grass that sways gently in the breeze of the open window and vintage portraits that whisper tales of their own. She stands poised, a figure caught between the tangible reality of her surroundings and the intangible threads of her inner musings.

This is a moment of contemplation, a breath held in the quiet space between action and inertia. Perhaps she's a writer, crafting worlds with her pen, or perhaps she's a dreamer, about to step into a new adventure that begins with the words from her letter. The softness of her expression suggests a tenderness, a vulnerability that is often hidden from the world.

Here, in this softly lit sanctuary, the woman and the room share a silent dialogue, each telling stories without words, each filled with an emotional depth that is both personal and universal. It is a reminder that within every quiet moment, there are stories waiting to be told, emotions waiting to be felt, and countless possibilities waiting to be explored.

As a perfume:

This scene, with its blend of nostalgia and quiet contemplation, would inspire a perfume that is both classic and introspective, with a modern twist.

**Top Notes:**
- **Bergamot**: To capture the freshness of the room bathed in natural light.
- **Ginger**: A subtle spice that hints at the underlying excitement of the unknown contents of the letter.

**Heart Notes:**
- **Iris**: A floral note that is both elegant and deep, mirroring the historical depth of her attire.
- **Cedarwood**: Representing the sturdy writing desk and the timeless stories it holds.

**Base Notes:**
- **Leather**: A nod to the binding of old books and the structured material of her coat.
- **Tobacco**: Evoking the richness of the room's atmosphere, adding a layer of warmth and mystery.
- **Vanilla**: For a touch of comforting sweetness, suggesting the tender emotions hidden within her poised exterior.

This perfume would be for the thoughtful, the dreamers who find depth in their day-to-day lives, and those who stand at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. It would be a scent that lingers like a second skin, intimate and reflective of the wearer's innermost stories.

"Quiet contemplation."
"Quiet contemplation." Sale price$65.00