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"Ombre de Bleu."

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Neckline: High ruffled neckline
Sleeves: Long sleeves
Length: Midi to full length
Material: wool blend


In the dappled light of a secluded garden, where statues stand silent vigil and time seems to pause, a young woman leans gently against a wrought-iron gate. Her dress, a graceful expanse of grayish-blue, speaks of the depth of the sky just before twilight; its fine pleats and folds capture the serenity of the surrounding haven. The high ruffled neckline and the soft yoke suggest an air of vintage nobility, a nod to the Victorian era's demure beauty.

Her sleeves, tailored to follow the lines of her arms, end in fitted cuffs that hint at a meticulous character, a person who appreciates the intricacies of the old world while walking firmly in the new. They are like the leaves around her, perfectly placed yet natural, a harmony of human touch and nature's handiwork.

The length of her skirt, falling to mid-calf, sways with an elegance that is timeless, mirroring the eternal grace of the garden's flora. The fabric, possibly a lightweight wool, moves with a quiet whisper against the stones underfoot, a sound as soft as the murmur of the past that echoes through this secluded alcove.

Here, amidst the whisper of leaves and the quietude of antiquity, the woman stands as if she herself were a part of the garden's legacy — a living, breathing embodiment of its history and beauty. Her presence is a bridge between epochs, a tale woven of fabric and stone, beauty and repose, standing as a testament to the timelessness of grace and the quiet strength of femininity.

As a perfume: 

In a secluded garden where the statues keep their silent tales and the foliage whispers secrets of a bygone era, a perfume inspired by the woman before the gate would be a fragrant embodiment of elegance and mystery. This scent would be named "Ombre de Bleu" — Shadow of Blue, capturing the depth and subtlety of her dress, the quiet strength in her eyes, and the soft shadow play of the garden.

"Ombre de Bleu" would open with a crisp note of bergamot, a bright and uplifting prelude that hints at the freshness of the garden and the clarity of the woman’s gaze. It’s a scent that beckons one to come closer, to partake in the serenity and the stories that linger in the air.

At its heart, the fragrance would carry the soft, powdery whisper of bluebells and violets, flowers that might grow wild along the garden's hidden paths. This floral heart is delicate and comforting, mirroring the gentle ruffles of her blouse and the tender grace with which she holds the worn pages of her book.

The base of the perfume would reveal the warm, earthy embrace of cedarwood and a hint of musk, grounding the scent with a depth and complexity much like the shaded nooks of the garden. It’s the olfactory echo of the statues’ silent vigil, and the timeless tales woven into the fabric of her dress.

"Ombre de Bleu" is a scent for the introspective soul, for the individual who finds beauty in the quiet moments and strength in softness. It is an invitation to embrace the layered stories of the past, to find peace in the solitude, and to carry oneself with an elegance that is as profound as the blue shadows at dusk.

"Ombre de Bleu."
"Ombre de Bleu." Sale price$66.50