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"Murmure de Pétale."

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Neckline: Large bow tie at the collar
Sleeves: Long bishop sleeves
Length: A high-waisted midi skirt
Material: A floral print


Amidst the soft, muted tones of a room that hums with the quietude of an afternoon slipping into evening, a woman stands in gentle repose. She is adorned in a dress that whispers of spring's tender bloom—a blouse with a floral pattern as delicate as the petals that must have inspired them, tied at the neck with a bow as soft as the embrace of a gentle breeze.

Her skirt, a cascade of taupe that flows like the quiet current of a serene river, sways with the grace of an unspoken sonnet. The fabric clings to her form in a modest dance, suggesting the curves of a landscape touched by the subtle hand of nature itself.

In her hand, she holds a clutch of dried roses, their beauty preserved in time, much like the moment that the room seems to hold captive. The roses are a testament to memories that linger, to moments of joy and sorrow that are etched into the folds of her heart.

As she looks out, her gaze is fixed beyond the confines of the room, to a place where dreams might just be tangible. The soft light casts an ethereal glow on her features, accentuating a look of contemplation and longing. Her presence is a story, a narrative spun from threads of poise and reverie, of a time that stands still while the world rushes on.

As a perfume: 

In an ambience washed with the tender hues of a late afternoon, a woman stands in quiet serenity, her attire a canvas of muted floral and earthy elegance. This tranquil scene, a blend of softness and subtlety, gives rise to a fragrance that would be named "Murmure de Pétale" — a whisper of petals in a bustling world.

"Murmure de Pétale" opens with the sheer, delicate touch of lily of the valley, embodying the gentle floral pattern of her blouse. It is a scent that speaks in hushed tones, reminiscent of a secret garden where flowers bloom in quiet conversation with the soft earth.

The heart of the perfume would carry the velvety caress of peaches, a middle note as tender and sweet as the blush of romance that colors one's cheeks. It mirrors the youthful grace and the soft, blushing taupe of her flowing skirt, evoking an air of understated femininity.

At its base, the scent would deepen into the warmth of sandalwood, a grounding note that anchors the lightness of its floral beginnings. It is reflective of the timeless elegance that her ensemble portrays, a blend of classic charm and modern simplicity.

"Murmure de Pétale" would be a fragrance for the introspective soul, for the woman who moves with grace through the dance of life, her story told in the silent language of scent. It would be an ode to the quiet moments that hold the depth of our experiences, a perfume that lingers on the skin like a secret kept, a memory cherished.

"Murmure de Pétale."
"Murmure de Pétale." Sale price$67.50