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"Meadow Muse."

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Color:Black and White

Neckline: Square, accented with a black lace-up detail and framed by ruffles.
Sleeves: Short, puffed, and elasticized with ruffle trim, ending just above the elbow.
Length: Full-length, with the skirt reaching down to the ankles, embellished with lace tiers.
Material:  cotton with lace inserts.
Waistline: Fitted, with the bodice tailored to cinch at the natural waist, complemented by the fullness of the skirt.



In a lush meadow, where the green of the earth meets the blue of the sky, she stands—a solitary figure against the grandeur of the mountains. Her dress is as much a part of the landscape as the wildflowers that bloom at her feet and the pine trees that stretch to the horizon. The square neckline, framed by delicate ruffles and the boldness of a black lace-up corset, speaks of a blend of strength and femininity, of the mountain and its wildflowers.

The short, puffed sleeves capture the softness of the cloud-dappled sky above, while the full-length skirt, adorned with tiers of lace, flows like the gentle streams that carve their paths through the meadow. The fabric, light and airy, dances with the breeze—a whisper against the symphony of nature that surrounds her.

With her wide-brimmed hat and the basket by her side, she could be mistaken for a figure from another time, a wanderer from a fairytale who has stepped through the pages to find solace in the serenity of this place. She gazes into the distance, her eyes filled with the wisdom of the forests and the peace of the alpine sanctuary.

There is a story in her stillness, a tale woven from the threads of quiet joy and contentment. Here, in this moment, she is a part of everything—the mountains, the meadow, the sky—and yet distinctly herself, a unique soul who carries the essence of the world in the fabric of her dress and the depth of her gaze. Her presence is a gentle reminder of the beauty that exists at the intersection of humanity and the wild, untamed world.

As a perfume:

If this vision were to be distilled into a fragrance, it would be called "Meadow Muse." This perfume would be an olfactory portrait of her—of the meadow she stands in, of the mountains that watch over her, and of the delicate balance between human presence and the vastness of nature.

The top notes would open with the crisp freshness of alpine air, intertwined with the subtle, sweet scent of mountain wildflowers—tiny bursts of purple and white that dot the landscape.

Heart notes would be drawn from the earth itself, a gentle touch of green grass and the soft, herbal whisper of the meadows, evoking the natural elegance of her tiered lace dress and the comfort of her being in harmony with nature.

Base notes would offer a grounding warmth, the woodsy scent of pine and a hint of mineral freshness, like the clear waters of a mountain stream, reflecting the enduring presence of the peaks in the distance.

"Meadow Muse" would be a scent for the soul that finds beauty in simplicity, for the spirit that thrives in the tranquility of nature. It would be a tribute to quiet moments of reflection, a call to wander, and a celebration of the earth’s natural splendor.

"Meadow Muse."
"Meadow Muse." Sale price$108.50