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"Essence of this autumnal scene."

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Neckline: Large Peter Pan collar with lace trim
Sleeves: Long sleeves with lace cuffs
Length: Full length
Material: tweed or textured wool
Waistline: Fitted with a double-breasted button design


Amidst the golden sweep of an autumn park, a young woman strolls with poise, her silhouette a timeless portrait against the amber foliage. Clad in a coat that speaks of the old world, its tweed fabric whispering tales of heritage and history, she moves with a grace that belies the crispness of the season.

The coat, with its large Peter Pan collar edged in delicate lace, frames her face—a visage that carries the softness of a daydream. The double-breasted buttons are fastened neatly, a testament to the order she carries within. Her sleeves end in lace cuffs that peek out like the frills of a storybook character, adding a touch of whimsy to her dignified attire.

In one hand, she holds a small handbag, as if carrying a treasure chest of small, personal wonders. Her other hand lightly brushes against the brim of her beret, a gesture both thoughtful and absent, as she loses herself in the tranquil beauty of the park.

This is a woman who knows her own mind, her own story. She walks not to reach a destination but to savor the journey. The path she treads is littered with the russet leaves of autumn, each one a note in the symphony of the turning seasons.

Her presence is a gentle echo of the past, a melody that dances on the edge of modernity. She is the bridge between what was and what could be, a living narrative that walks the line between the pages of history and the unwritten future.

As she pauses to admire a solitary leaf, her story unfolds in the quiet confidence of her stance. It is a tale of self-assurance, of finding one's place in the tapestry of time, and of the delicate balance between moving forward and cherishing the moment that is now.

As a perfume:

Capturing the essence of this autumnal scene and the woman's timeless elegance as a fragrance would result in a perfume that is both classic and enchanting.

Top Notes:
- Crisp Apple: A nod to the crisp autumn air, with a freshness that invigorates the senses.
- Cinnamon Leaf: A spice that gently alludes to the season's signature scents, adding a touch of warmth.

Heart Notes:
- Caramel: A sweet, comforting heart to embody the warmth of her tweed coat.
- Chai Spice: A blend of spices that mirrors the richness of autumn and the complexity of her character.

Base Notes:
- Mahogany Wood: A deep, woody scent that grounds the fragrance, much like the trees surrounding her.
- Leather: Evocative of the structured handbag she carries, suggesting strength and sophistication.
- Vanilla: A soft, sweet note that provides a foundation of warmth and comfort, akin to the lace details of her attire.

This perfume would be designed for someone who carries themselves with a sense of nostalgia and a quiet confidence. It would be suitable for the crisp days of fall, offering a sense of comfort and a reminder of the elegance of times past. It would be a scent that lingers, leaving an impression of warmth and refined grace.

"Essence of this autumnal scene."
"Essence of this autumnal scene." Sale price$83.50