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"Enchanted Verdure."

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Neckline: square neckline
Sleeves: bishop-style
Length: full-length
Material: velvet fabric


In the heart of an ancient forest, where the whisper of leaves spoke of age-old secrets, there dwelt a lady of ethereal beauty, known to the woodland spirits as Eveline of the Emerald Vale. Her gown, as richly green as the mossy undergrowth, flowed like the gentle streams that cradled the roots of the ancient oaks. Its fabric was a tapestry of the forest's own making, woven from the finest threads kissed by woodland magic.

Eveline's days were spent beneath the boughs of whispering trees, where light danced through the leaves in a ballet of shadows and sunbeams. Her friends were the creatures of the wood, from the tiniest beetle to the noblest stag, and each morning they greeted her with the reverence due to a guardian of nature. Her laughter rang through the forest, a melody that carried both the joy and the sorrow of the world beyond the trees.

As the sun set, casting a golden glow that seemed to set the forest aflame with life, Eveline would ascend to the ancient hill where ruins of a long-forgotten castle stood. There, amidst the stones entwined with ivy, she would commune with the echoes of the past, listening to the stories etched in stone and wind, her heart a vessel for the memories of a time when magic reigned supreme.

By night, Eveline would return to her grove, her silhouette a gentle shadow against the moonlit glade. And there, in the quietude that only night can bring, she would weave her own spells—words of protection and peace for the forest she loved. In her presence, the Vale slept soundly, for they knew they were watched over by one whose love was as boundless as the starry sky above. Eveline, the emerald lady of the woods, was both the tale and the teller, the soul of the forest and its keeper.

As a perfume: 

In the realm of scents, where each fragrance tells its own tale, the essence of the lady in the image inspires a perfume named "Enchanted Verdure." This fragrance would be a bottled sonnet to the deep forests and ancient earth, a scent that speaks of a time when myth and nature danced together under the moon's watchful eye.

The opening notes of "Enchanted Verdure" would capture the freshness of the forest at dawn, with hints of dew-covered leaves and the crispness of green sap, evoking the lady's connection to the woodlands. The heart would unfold with the rich, earthy aroma of oakmoss and the subtle, velvety caress of green ivy, woven together with the floral whisper of wild white blooms that mirror the delicate lace at her neckline.

As the scent matures on the skin, it would reveal a base as deep and mysterious as the shadows beneath the great forest canopies. Here, the warmth of ancient resins and the hint of dark, rich soil would merge, embodying the timeless grace and serenity that the lady's image exudes. This is where the magic of the forest, entwined with the elegance of a bygone era, lingers.

"Enchanted Verdure" would be more than a mere perfume; it would be an emotional journey, a gateway to an age of chivalry and enchantment, where every spritz is a key that unlocks the soul's yearning for tales of love and valor. It would be a unique aromatic experience, where every note is a thread in the tapestry of a fabled past, as eternal and profound as the gaze of the lady who inspires it.

"Enchanted Verdure."
"Enchanted Verdure." Sale price$110.00