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"Elysian Echo."

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Neckline: High neckline
Sleeves: Long sleeves
Length: Midi length

Material: Lace fabric


In a serene balcony setting, with the whisper of a verdant forest in the background, stands a young woman draped in an elegant, white lace dress. The dress speaks of a timeless grace, with its high neckline adorned by a ruffled lace collar that gently frames her face, casting subtle shadows upon her delicate features.

The long sleeves of the dress, embellished with lace cuffs, hang gracefully by her sides, suggesting a blend of modesty and sophistication. They move ever so slightly in the breeze that slips through the balustrades, carrying with it the scent of pine and earth.

Her dress cascades down to midi length, the hem dancing just above her ankles, as if it's teasing the possibility of a frolic in the woods that lay beyond. The lace fabric, with its intricate patterned texture, catches the soft light, creating a ballet of shadows and light that plays upon the dress's surface.

This tranquil moment seems suspended in time, as she gazes into the distance, her hand gently resting on the balcony door. There's a story in her eyes, a tale of dreams and days gone by, and the dress seems to be a character of its own—witness to the silent stories that live in her heart.

As a perfume: 

In the embrace of a tranquil balcony, where the whispers of an ancient forest blend with a gentle breeze, a vision in white lace stands poised, as if part of an eternal dance between elegance and nature. This moment, frozen in time, evokes a scent - a perfume that could only be named "Elysian Echo".

"Elysian Echo" would be a fragrance that captures the ethereal and the earthly in a single breath. It would begin with the crispness of fallen leaves and morning dew, an opening note as refreshing as the air that surrounds the forest's edge. The heart would reveal a bouquet of white florals, delicate and pure, reminiscent of the intricate lace of the dress, each petal weaving its own silent story of grace and beauty.

As the scent unfolds, the deep, rich aromas of ancient woods would emerge, grounding the fragrance with strength and permanence, much like the balcony's sturdy balustrades that have withstood the whispers of time. This foundation note promises a touch of mystery, an undercurrent that speaks to the soul's depths.

Finally, a subtle hint of musk would linger, a final note as elusive as the gaze of the woman standing in contemplative solitude. "Elysian Echo" is not just a fragrance; it is an olfactory narrative, a unique emotional journey through a landscape of memory, dreams, and the ineffable beauty of a moment caught between the chapters of an untold story.

"Elysian Echo."
"Elysian Echo." Sale price$65.00