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"Elegance of Epoch."

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Color:green vest skirt

Neckline: High collar with a large
Sleeves: Sheer bishop sleeves
Length: Full-length dress
Material:  A sheer/a textured


In a quaint corner of a bustling city, there lived a woman named Clara, whose presence was as commanding as the vintage dresses she wore. Her home was a trove of timeless classics, from the delicate phonograph that sang old tunes to the shelves lined with leather-bound tales of yore. Clara's life was a tribute to an era bygone, and yet, she moved with a grace that spoke of an ageless spirit.

The dress she donned today was a special one, a beautiful fusion of past and present. It featured a high collar and a dramatic bow, reminiscent of the Victorian era's grandeur. The sheer bishop sleeves fluttered like the wings of a dove, and the dress flowed down to her ankles in pleats of olive green, echoing the undulating hills of the countryside she adored.

Clara spent her days in the company of books and the stories they held within. She was a writer, her quill dancing across the parchment, weaving narratives that bridged worlds and times. Today, as the golden sunlight spilled over her writing desk, she penned a tale of a woman from the past, a character as real to her as the heartbeat within her chest.

As the evening drew near, Clara closed her book and gazed out of the window. The city lights flickered like a constellation of stars below. She felt a kinship with the woman in her story, both of them threads in the fabric of time, their lives stitched together with the needle of fate. In her olive green dress, Clara was more than a figure of the present; she was a story, a poem, an everlasting sonnet to the timeless dance of life.

As a perfume:

Drawing inspiration from the image, a perfume that encapsulates the essence of this scene could be named "Elegance of Epoch." This fragrance would be a complex and emotional blend, much like the layers of history and personality that the attire suggests.

"Elegance of Epoch" would open with a vintage flourish of bergamot and delicate white tea, harkening back to the timeless tradition of tea rooms and social gatherings of the past. The initial notes would be both refreshing and inviting, a nod to the crispness of the blouse and the clarity in the subject's gaze.

As the scent matures, the heart notes would unfold into a rich tapestry of peony and velvet rose, intertwined with a subtle hint of spiced coriander. This combination speaks to the romantic and intricate bow at the neck and the structured formality of the over-dress, suggesting a personality that is both grounded and whimsical.

The base of the fragrance would rest on deep, warm tones of aged cedarwood and a whisper of musk, echoing the depth and texture of the olive green fabric. It would carry the weight and wisdom of the wooden shelves laden with books in the background, evoking a sense of stories waiting to be told.

"Elegance of Epoch" would not just be a fragrance, but an experience, a journey through time and emotion. It would be for the wearer who appreciates the allure of history and the charm of a tale well told, with each spritz a chapter, each note a verse in the poetry of their day.

"Elegance of Epoch."
"Elegance of Epoch." Sale price$58.50