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"Eclat d'Éternité."

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Color:apricot white

Neckline: Rounded neckline
Sleeves: Long, fitted
Length: High-waisted skirt
Material: Woolen fabric/blend material


In a sunlit room with the softness of a mid-morning glow, a woman stands poised on the cusp of a staircase. She is the embodiment of elegance, her attire a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary fashion. The high, rounded neckline of her ivory blouse exudes a demure charm, its simplicity offset by the delicate row of golden buttons that cascade down one side, catching the light with every subtle movement.

The sleeves of her blouse tell a story of thoughtful design, long and fitted, with a gentle ribbed texture that contrasts with the smooth expanse of fabric above. They end in a cozy embrace around her wrists, a reminder of the garment's careful craftsmanship. The blouse, cropped just so, allows for a glimpse of the high-waisted black skirt that billows below, its fabric flowing like ink over the contours of her form.

This skirt is a statement piece, its voluminous cut swaying gracefully with each step she takes. Anchored by a bold belt, the ensemble speaks to a sense of balance—between light and dark, softness and structure. As she moves, the skirt's silhouette is a dance of shadow and form, an interplay accentuated by the stark contrast to the ivory of her top.

Completing the portrait, her accessories are but whispers of detail: a pair of simple pearl earrings, a modest, cream-colored handbag held in her delicate grasp. There's a timeless quality to her presence, as if she's stepped out of a moment where style is measured not by the ticking of a clock but by the beat of the heart. In this serene setting, she is more than just a figure; she is a narrative of style, a living expression of poise and grace.

As a perfume: 

The image you've shared portrays a person with a poised and graceful demeanor, dressed in a chic and timeless outfit. This evokes a sense of refined elegance and a touch of mystery. If this image were to be encapsulated into a perfume, one might imagine it as a scent that balances the classic with the contemporary, perhaps with floral top notes that suggest a delicate sophistication, grounded by a warm, earthy base that speaks to a deep and enigmatic personality.

Considering this, a fitting and emotional name for such a perfume could be "Eclat d'Éternité", which translates to "Glimmer of Eternity" in French. This name suggests a fragrance that captures the timeless elegance and the everlasting allure of the person in the image, with "Eclat" hinting at the bright and radiant top notes, and "Éternité" nodding to the enduring depth of the scent's base notes. It's a perfume that promises to leave a lasting impression, much like the striking and enduring elegance depicted in the image.

"Eclat d'Éternité."
"Eclat d'Éternité." Sale price$75.00