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"Crimson Bouquet."

Sale price$75.50

Color:Purple brown

Neckline: rounded neckline
Sleeves: full and gathered at the shoulder
Length: full-length
Material: cotton fabric


In the gentle embrace of an autumn garden, where the roses still dared to bloom against the chill of oncoming winter, Lillian strolled, her figure a graceful contrast against the vibrant tapestry of nature. Her attire, a romantic fusion of tradition and the subtle whisper of modernity—a burgundy jumper with intricate embroidery over a classic, billowing blouse—spoke of a soul both rooted in the past and dancing in the present.

Each step she took was deliberate, a silent conversation with the earth beneath her. The basket she carried was a cornucopia of wildflowers, each one carefully chosen for its unique beauty and story. To Lillian, these were not mere blossoms; they were characters in her daily narrative, actors in a silent play that unfolded with the rhythm of the seasons.

Around her, the garden was a living mosaic, each petal and leaf a splash of color upon the canvas of life. With her dark hair crowned with a simple yet elegant band, Lillian moved with a quiet confidence, her presence a soothing melody in the cacophony of the wider world. In her solitude, she found a symphony of serenity, a harmony that resonated with the soft hum of the afternoon.

As the sun dipped lower, casting a golden hue over the garden, Lillian paused. Her gaze, thoughtful and deep, reflected the wisdom of the earth, her spirit as much a part of the flora she tended to as the roots that bound them to the soil. In this moment, Lillian was not just a woman in a garden; she was a storyteller, a keeper of beauty, a timeless guardian of a blooming legacy.

As a perfume: 

The image evokes a fragrance that is as complex and deep as the character it represents, a perfume that encapsulates the essence of a serene walk through a rose garden at the cusp of fall. Let's name it "Crimson Bouquet: Whispers of the Garden."

"Crimson Bouquet" would begin with a vibrant burst of floral top notes, reminiscent of the roses that adorn the garden behind the lady, mingled with the freshness of just-picked wildflowers from her basket. It would capture the crispness of the air and the subtle hint of earthiness that heralds the arrival of autumn.

At its heart, the scent would carry the richness of dark fruits, a nod to the sumptuous burgundy of her dress, woven with the delicate spiciness of pink peppercorn. This would create an enchanting, warm, and inviting floral-spicy melody, much like the intricate embroidery that graces her bodice, drawing one in with an irresistible charm.

As it settles upon the skin, "Crimson Bouquet" would reveal a base of deep woods and amber. These notes would ground the fragrance, lending it an enduring quality, much like the timeless elegance of her attire. Subtle whispers of vanilla and musk would interlace to add a touch of mystery and sensuality, much like the enigmatic expression on her face.

"Crimson Bouquet: Whispers of the Garden" would not just be a fragrance; it would be a narrative—a story told in scent, where each note unfolds a chapter, inviting the wearer to wander through a storybook garden where every bloom has a tale to tell, and every whiff is a verse in a poem of nature's own crafting.

"Crimson Bouquet."
"Crimson Bouquet." Sale price$75.50