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"Autumn banquet."

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Color:(vest + skirt + shirt)

Neckline: Bertha collar with a black bow tie
Sleeves: Long, sheer bishop sleeves with button cuffs
Length: Full-length dress
Material: Wool blend for the vest, chiffon for the blouse, and tartan patterned fabric for the dress
Waistline: High fitted waistline with a vest overlay


The woman in the photograph exudes an air of nostalgic elegance, her gaze lost in the distance as if she is reminiscing about a time long past or daydreaming about a future yet to unfold. She stands amidst a field that whispers the tales of autumn, the tall grasses swaying gently in the wind, painting a picture of serene isolation.

She is dressed in a timeless ensemble that speaks of classic beauty and grace. The square neckline of her dress frames her face, highlighting her thoughtful expression. Her long, sheer sleeves billow slightly, capturing the softness of the breeze. The dress falls to a full length, swaying with her every movement, suggesting a dance with the wind.

The material of her attire, a rich wool blend for the vest and tartan for the dress, adds a sense of warmth to the scene, as if she is wrapped in the comfort of tradition and history. The chiffon blouse beneath whispers of delicacy and femininity, a contrast to the structured wool that overlays it. Her waist is cinched by the fitted line of the vest, giving her silhouette an air of refined poise.

In her hand, she holds a piece of the field, a single stalk of wheat, perhaps a token of the earth's bounty or a symbol of her connection to the natural world around her. The beret on her head and the small, structured bag she carries are the final touches to her outfit, accessories that suggest a story of a woman who appreciates the details and the finer things in life.

This image tells a story of contemplation and beauty, of a moment caught between the golden light of the present and the sepia tones of memory, where the simple act of standing in a field becomes a portrait of tranquility and timeless grace.

As a perfume:

If this image were to inspire a perfume, it would be one that captures the essence of elegance and an almost literary romance. The fragrance would be named "Autumn Reverie."

The top notes would open with the crisp freshness of the outdoors, hints of green grass and a subtle touch of earthiness, reminiscent of a serene field in the early fall. These would meld into the heart notes, which would be more complex and warm, like the wool blend of her vest—perhaps a blend of orris and vetiver, with a soft, powdery quality that hints at the past.

For the sheer blouse she wears, a delicate floral accord would weave through the scent, incorporating the gentle transparency of peony and the old-world romance of white jasmine, speaking to the sheer bishop sleeves and the feminine mystique of the attire.

The base notes would ground the fragrance in something timeless and enduring, much like the tartan pattern of her dress—a rich, woven tapestry of scents. This would include a deep, woody note like aged oakmoss or sandalwood, a hint of leather to reflect her structured bag, and a whisper of musk to capture the sensuality and strength of her presence in the solitude of the field.

"Autumn Reverie" would be a perfume that invites the wearer to pause and reflect, conjuring images of a solitary walk through the fields as the leaves begin to turn, embodying the warmth, depth, and introspection of a perfect autumn day.

"Autumn banquet."
"Autumn banquet." Sale price$77.00