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"Aurora d'Automne."

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Neckline: rounded neckline
Sleeves: natural line
Length: midi length
Material: wool blend


In the golden haze of an autumn afternoon, Lillian stood by the doorway, the warm sunlight casting a soft glow on her elegant figure. She was dressed in a soft, beige sweater with a playful bow-tie scarf at the neck, her attire a harmonious blend of comfort and timeless style. The plaid skirt swayed gently with the breeze, its pleats catching the light and shadow like the delicate pages of a well-loved book.

Around her, the garden was a tapestry of rich, earthy tones, mirroring the colors of her outfit. She was the very embodiment of autumn, a graceful spirit whose presence was as calming as the season's gentle descent into winter. The air was crisp, carrying the faint scent of pine and the earthy promise of rain, complementing the tactile textures of her woolen ensemble.

Lillian's gaze was introspective, a quiet reflection of the season's change. Her thoughts wandered to the soft, rustling leaves beneath her feet, each one a memory, a whisper of the year's fleeting moments. The plaid pattern of her skirt seemed to tell a story too, of cozy firesides and hot cocoa, of laughter and soft music playing in the background, of the simple joys that make life rich and full.

As the sun dipped lower, casting longer shadows upon the garden path, Lillian took a deep breath, ready to step back into the warmth of her home. She carried the essence of the day with her, the serenity of her surroundings woven into the very fibers of her skirt, the soft knit of her sweater, and the gentle knot of her scarf. In this tranquil moment, Lillian was not just a part of the scene; she was its creator, a living portrait of autumn's grace.

As a perfume: 

Imagining the woman in the photograph as a perfume, one can almost inhale the essence of a scent that would be as sophisticated and timeless as her appearance. Let's call this perfume "Aurora d'Automne," a name that suggests the awakening light of autumn.

"Aurora d'Automne" would be a scent that wraps you in the warmth of the season's golden embrace. The top notes would sparkle with the crispness of autumnal leaves, intertwined with the subtle, sweet nuance of ripe figs, capturing the delicate balance between the freshness of the morning and the maturity of the season.

As the heart notes unveil, they would exude the creamy richness of toasted almond, blended with the velvety depths of chrysanthemum petals, reflecting the softness of her sweater and the intricate bow at her neck. This combination would craft a scent that is both comforting and refined, enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of understated elegance.

The base notes would rest upon a foundation of earthy vetiver and a whisper of smoky suede, grounding the fragrance with a sense of enduring grace. It would be the olfactory equivalent of the herringbone pattern of her skirt—a pattern that weaves together tradition and modernity.

"Aurora d'Automne" would not be just a fragrance; it would be an experience, a unique and emotional expression that lingers in the room long after she has left. It's designed for the woman whose presence is soft yet powerful, whose spirit is as enchanting as the first light of dawn on an autumn day.

"Aurora d'Automne."
"Aurora d'Automne." Sale price$71.00