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"A deep connection to the earth."

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Color:vest skirt with bandana

Neckline: Square neckline

Sleeves: Long sleeves

Length: Full length

Material: linen 80%

Waistline: Fitted waistline with a corset-style bodice


In the midst of a golden field that stretches towards the horizon, a young woman in a dress that whispers of the past pauses to commune with nature. The sunlight bathes the scene in a gentle glow, casting soft shadows and highlighting the rich, warm tones of the earth around her. She is a figure out of time, her vintage attire—a dress with a square neckline and long sleeves—melds with the timeless landscape, suggesting a narrative that could belong to any era.

There is a quiet strength in her solitude, her pose deliberate as she reaches out to the tall grasses that stand like sentinels around her. Her expression is one of deep reflection, lips parted as if mid-sentence in a dialogue with the wind. The fitted waistline of her dress draws in the fabric, creating a silhouette that speaks to the personal moment she is ensconced in—a moment where the world beyond the field feels distant, like a memory.

Perhaps she is contemplating the fleeting nature of time, or maybe she is savoring the simplicity of the moment, drawing from the stillness a sense of peace that modern life often obscures. The muted colors of her dress and the natural setting suggest a nostalgia for times when the pace of life was dictated by the rising and setting of the sun, not the incessant ticking of the clock.

This image captures more than a mere pause—it encapsulates a yearning, a breathing space where the soul is allowed to speak and be heard over the cacophony of everyday existence. It tells a story of harmony between human and nature, a reminder that despite the complexities of life, there is beauty and poetry in moments of quiet introspection.

As a perfume:

it would evoke the essence of a serene pastoral symphony, a fragrance that embodies tranquility and a deep connection to the earth.

Top Notes:

  • Grass: The crisp, green freshness of newly-cut grass, embodying the open fields.
  • Wildflowers: A hint of wildflower petals would capture the delicate, almost ethereal touch of nature's own adornments in the field.

Heart Notes:

  • Earthen Spices: A warm, slightly spicy note that speaks to the earth beneath her feet, grounding the fragrance in nature.
  • Cotton: The clean, comforting scent of cotton reflects the material of her dress, adding a layer of purity and simplicity.

Base Notes:

  • Cedarwood: A rich, woody base that conjures the timeless strength of the trees in the distance.
  • Amber: A warm, resinous note that would give the fragrance a touch of warmth, like the sunlight bathing the scene.
  • Musk: A subtle musk to anchor the scent, providing depth and a hint of mystery, like the unspoken thoughts of the woman in the field.

This perfume would be for someone who seeks moments of peace in the rush of modern life, who cherishes the stillness and the simple beauty of nature. It would be an olfactory retreat into a personal haven, where every inhalation takes you back to that sunlit field and the quiet introspection it inspires.





"A deep connection to the earth."
"A deep connection to the earth." Sale price$67.50