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"Velvet Reverie."

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Color:Black shirt + wine red skirt

Neckline: Square with a scalloped lace trim and a ruffled lace bib.
Sleeves: Long, voluminous, and gathered at the wrists.
Length: Full-length, with the skirt reaching to the feet, finished with a ruffled hem.
Material: Poly
Waistline: Accented by a corset-style lace-up belt in contrasting color, cinching the waist above a full skirt.



In the warm, inviting parlor adorned with floral wallpaper, there is a sense of timelessness. A woman turns gracefully, her dress a reflection of an era steeped in elegance and poise. The square neckline, edged with delicate scalloped lace, frames her visage, a quiet homage to the intricacies of Victorian fashion.

Her sleeves billow like the curtains on a breezy afternoon, gathered at the wrists in a symphony of fabric and form. She reaches for the sunflowers on the table, their golden hues echoing the warmth of the room and the subdued sunlight that filters through the window.

The skirt of her dress, a rich tapestry of corduroy, falls in a cascade of ridges and ruffles to her feet. It sways with her movements, each fold a whisper of the stories woven into its fabric. The red of her skirt is the red of a deep passion, not for a lover, but perhaps for life itself, for the art of simply being.

The lace-up corset belt cinches her waist, a contrast of control and freedom, as much an accessory as it is a symbol of the self-possession she carries within her. Her pose is one of introspection, her gaze directed to the beauty in her hands, yet her mind might be wandering to dreams unlived, to desires unspoken.

In this room, she is not just a figure from the past. She is the embodiment of sentiment, a dancer to the silent music of time, moving through the present with the grace of history as her guide. Her story is not told in words but in the quiet moments of connection with the beauty that surrounds her, in the sunflowers she holds, and in the legacy of her attire.

As a perfume:

If her aura were captured in a fragrance, it would be named "Velvet Reverie." This perfume would be an homage to the rich tapestry of her surroundings and the classical beauty of her attire.

The top notes would be as inviting as the parlor she stands in, a blend of citrus zest and a hint of spice, reminiscent of the old-world charm and the timeless elegance that she embodies.

Heart notes would weave through the scent profile like the lace on her neckline, a delicate mix of floral undertones such as damask rose and peony, representing the femininity and layered complexity of her character.

Base notes would ground the fragrance in warmth and depth, with a rich velvet accord of patchouli and amber, reflective of the sumptuous red of her skirt. A subtle hint of vanilla would linger, sweet and comforting, like the memories that fill the room.

"Velvet Reverie" would be a perfume that speaks of history and passion, a scent that lingers like a cherished secret. It would be worn by those who appreciate the dance of nostalgia with the present, a fragrance for moments of reflection and the luxurious warmth of quiet afternoons.

"Velvet Reverie."
"Velvet Reverie." Sale price$71.50