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"Veil of Reverie."

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Neckline: Scalloped with lace trim and a central ruffled detail featuring a decorative bow
Sleeves: Sheer, full-length bishop sleeves with fitted cuffs
Length: Full-length, flowing down to the ground
Material: synthetic blend


In a secluded corner of a garden that time seems to have forgotten, a woman stands in quiet contemplation. Her dress, a blend of rose-tinted nostalgia and the tactile reality of the present, cascades to the ground in a gentle tribute to the grace of bygone eras. She holds a bouquet, not plucked but crafted, an artifice that mirrors the constructed beauty around her.

Her stance is a silent sonnet, her gaze an introspective journey through the pages of her own narrative, each moment a delicate petal in the blossom of her life. The sheer sleeves of her dress catch the subtle breeze as if they are the sails of a ship steering her through a sea of memories and dreams.

There's a story in her eyes, a blend of melancholy and hope, a dance of shadows and light. The scalloped lace, the softness of the fabric, and the bouquet of blooms are her companions in this still life, each a character in the tableau she presents to the quiet afternoon.

This is a portrait of stillness against the march of time, a pause that speaks volumes in the silent language of emotion and beauty. Her dress is not just attire but an extension of her essence, a fabric woven with the threads of her thoughts, a garment that tells a story without uttering a single word.

As a perfume:  

"Veil of Reverie" would be a scent that captures the essence of a daydream, a blend of delicate emotions and ethereal moments. It opens with the tender whisper of pear blossom, mingling with the soft caress of alpine air, embodying the woman's gentle, contemplative nature. The heart unfolds with the rare bloom of ghost flower, an elusive scent that evokes the sheer, flowing sleeves and vintage lace of her dress, stirring the senses like a memory just out of reach.

The base of the fragrance settles into a warm embrace of cashmere musk and aged cedarwood, grounding the ethereal journey in the solidity of the balustrade she leans upon. A subtle hint of myrrh weaves through, lending a touch of the mystical, reminiscent of the timeless stories her eyes seem to hold.

"Veil of Reverie" is a tribute to those moments suspended between fantasy and reality, a perfume for the dreamers whose hearts live in the poetic past yet stand firmly in the present.

"Veil of Reverie."
"Veil of Reverie." Sale price$70.00