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"Nocturne of Daylight."

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Color:Black long-sleeved

Neckline: High ruffled collar with a decorative bow tie
Sleeves: Long, sheer bishop sleeves with fitted cuffs
Length: Full-length skirt that reaches the ground
Material: chiffon; the skirt : satin, with a lace trim
Waistline: High waist with corset-style lacing at the front


In a sun-dappled clearing that whispers the tales of yesteryears, a young woman with an air of nostalgic elegance stands poised. Her attire is a delicate dance of contrasts - a blouse of sheer fabric that speaks to a softness of spirit, its high ruffled collar and bow tie a nod to the modesty of a time long past. The bishop sleeves billow with each gentle breeze, like sails catching the wind on a tranquil sea.

The skirt, a sweeping expanse of dark fabric, absorbs the golden hues of the fading sunlight, grounding her in the present. Its full length grazes the ground, edged with lace as if to trace the very edges of her daydreams. The corset-style lacing at the front of her high waist cinches her silhouette, a modern touch to the classic grace of her ensemble.

She holds a bundle of wilted sunflowers, their golden heads heavy with the weight of summer's end. In her other hand, a newspaper from a world that rushes on without pause. Yet, in this serene moment, time stands still for her, the pages unturned, the stories untold.

Her gaze is distant, lost in thoughts that dance like the leaves around her. She is a bridge between the then and now, a living portrait of reminiscence and anticipation. As the shadows lengthen and the day comes to a close, she remains a solitary figure of quiet reflection, her story one of timeless beauty and the enduring dance of memory and moment.

As a perfume:

The image before us is steeped in a charming blend of contrast and harmony, featuring a woman holding a bouquet and a book, dressed in a fusion of classic and modern styles. The elegant pairing of a delicate, lace-trimmed blouse and a bold, black skirt inspires the perfume name: "Nocturne of Daylight."

In the perfume’s first paragraph, "Nocturne of Daylight" would open with the brightness of morning, captured in notes of crisp apple and fresh gardenia, reflecting the lightness of the blouse and the freshness of the outdoors. This initial impression would be akin to the first chapter of a captivating novel, promising a journey through layers of scent and story.

The heart of the fragrance would weave a narrative of contrast, where the softness of heliotrope and the romance of rose meet the mysterious allure of black currant. This blend would echo the juxtaposition in her attire, marrying the gentle femininity of the top with the depth and strength of the skirt.

The base notes would settle into a poetic closure, with the comforting warmth of vanilla and the sophistication of patchouli grounding the scent, much like the rustic setting anchors the scene. "Nocturne of Daylight" would be a perfume for the woman who, like the subject, finds beauty in duality, who walks in light and shadow with equal grace.

"Nocturne of Daylight."
"Nocturne of Daylight." Sale price$73.50