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"Morning Muse."

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- Neckline: The dress has a high, band collar with a ruffled edge and a small V-shaped opening at the front, adorned with lace and pintuck details.
- Sleeves: She is wearing long, set-in sleeves that appear to be slightly gathered at the wrist.
- Length: The dress is full-length, reaching down to the ankles.
- Material: cotton
- Waistline: The dress has a raised waistline with gathered fabric below, which gives the dress a loose, flowy silhouette.


Amidst a room awash with the tender glow of the morning sun, a woman stands in quiet contemplation, her silhouette a portrait of stillness against the soft light. Clad in a dress of the palest cream, she is the embodiment of serenity and grace. The high collar of her gown, adorned with delicate lace and the finest of pintucks, speaks of a timeless elegance—a beauty that does not shout but whispers.

Her sleeves, long and gently gathered at the wrists, capture the faintest breeze from the open window, a dance of fabric and light. The dress falls in a cascade of folds, full-length, skimming over the hardwood floor that bears the warmth of many suns passed.

The material, light and ethereal, seems to be spun from the very threads of tranquility itself, a cotton embrace that holds her in a moment suspended between the tick of a clock and the tock of the heart. 

In this space, she finds a haven from the clamor of the world beyond the windowpanes. Here, time slows, and the only measure of its passage is the shifting dance of shadows across the floor. 

She stands poised, a figure of contemplation, her mind perhaps wandering through thoughts as airy as her dress, or perhaps as anchored as her bare feet upon the ground. In this moment, she is a part of something greater—a narrative of peace, a living verse in the poem of the everyday.

As a perfume:

If this moment were distilled into a fragrance, it would be named "Morning Muse." The scent would open with a delicate breath of alabaster peonies, the gentle purity of their petals unfolding in the first light of dawn, evoking the crisp and clean essence of her pale cream dress.

As the heart of the perfume emerges, a symphony of white jasmine and soft lily would carry through, echoing the intricate lace and fine pintuck details that adorn her neckline—notes that speak to an understated elegance and inner calm.

The base would settle into a subtle caress of warm vanilla and a touch of sandalwood, mirroring the warmth of sunlight on polished wood, grounding the ethereal florals with an earthy, comforting finish.

"Morning Muse" would be a fragrance of quiet reflection and poise, a scent that wraps around you like a second skin, as unobtrusive and natural as her flowing gown, leaving a trail of tranquil beauty in every step.


"Morning Muse."
"Morning Muse." Sale price$63.50