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"Meadow's Sigh."

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Color:Dark brown [headscarf]

Neckline: Square, layered over a white blouse with a round neck.
Sleeves: Long, full sleeves from the underlying blouse, likely elasticized at the wrists.
Length: The dress is full-length, extending to the ankles.
Material: linen 
Waistline: Natural, with the checkered overlay providing a high-waisted appearance, tied at the back.



In a tranquil meadow, where the world feels untouched and serene, a young woman leans against an old fence, her eyes closed, her face turned towards the sky. The breeze plays with her hair and the ribbons of her bonnet, whispering secrets of the wide-open spaces and the freedom they promise.

Her dress, a patchwork of earthy tones and simple checks, speaks of a rustic life, one that pulses with the heartbeat of the land. The long sleeves of her blouse billow slightly, capturing the purity of the air, and her posture is relaxed, a portrait of contentment.

She is lost in a moment of repose, her thoughts as light as the air around her. The square neckline of her dress, paired with the soft round neck of her blouse, frames a face that is both reflective and at peace. The dress cascades to her ankles, grounding her in the scene, a part of the landscape as much as the grass beneath her feet and the vast sky above.

The fabric of her attire suggests a life interwoven with nature—practical, yet beautiful in its simplicity. The high-waisted cut of the apron-like overlay, tied at the back, gives her a silhouette that blends tradition with a hint of the whimsical.

In this quiet corner of the world, she finds a connection to something greater, a rhythm that is older and deeper than the noise of distant cities. Her closed eyes are not a shutting out of the world, but an opening to an inner universe, a place where dreams can grow and expand like the fields around her.

She is a reminder that sometimes, the most profound stories are the ones we find in stillness, in the soft caress of the wind, and the silent strength of the earth—a narrative not spoken, but felt in the depths of the soul.

As a perfume:

If her moment of pastoral tranquility were captured as a fragrance, it would be named "Meadow's Sigh." The perfume would encapsulate the essence of her peaceful reprieve in the embrace of nature, with each note evoking a part of her serene tableau.

The top notes would be fresh and herbaceous, like the crisp scent of the meadow grass after dawn, a hint of dewy leaves and the subtle sharpness of wild herbs—the first breath of the countryside.

Heart notes would draw from the flora surrounding her, a delicate blend of wildflowers, perhaps lavender for its calming properties, and a soft touch of chamomile, echoing the gentle character of her checked apron and the softness of her gaze.

Base notes would resonate with the earthiness of the landscape, a rich undertone of patchouli or vetiver to embody the grounding effect of her surroundings, and a whisper of cedarwood to reflect the enduring fence that supports her.

"Meadow's Sigh" would be a fragrance for those who seek solace in the simplicity of nature, for souls that find beauty in the quiet narrative of the earth. It would be an olfactory keepsake of moments spent in the silent company of the sky and the grass, a scent for reflection and inner peace.

"Meadow's Sigh."
"Meadow's Sigh." Sale price$65.00