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"Elegance of Epoch."

Sale price$75.00

Color:Blazer + plaid skirt

Neckline: turtleneck
Sleeves: long sleeves
Length: midi length
Material: tweed-like fabric


On a crisp, overcast day, the cobblestone streets of an age-old city bear witness to the solitary grace of a woman who seems to have stepped out of a different era. She stands poised, an embodiment of elegance, her attire a symphony of classic design and timeless fashion. Her coat, a meticulously tailored piece with a houndstooth weave, clings to her form in a gentle embrace, accentuated by a belt that cinches at the waist.

Her skirt, cut from the same cloth as her jacket, falls in a perfect line to her calves, swaying ever so slightly with the whisper of the autumn breeze. As she closes her eyes and tilts her head, there is a moment of serenity, as if she is listening to the soft hum of the city, the murmurs of history that echo off the ancient stones that pave her path.

In her hand, a bold red handbag offers a solitary burst of color against the muted backdrop of the architecture and the grey skies above. It is not just an accessory but a statement, a pop of confidence that speaks of her character—a dash of modernity amidst the nostalgia.

As leaves rustle and flutter around her, she is a portrait of contemplation and poise, a living canvas painted with the hues of fall. Her presence tells a story, not with words, but with the silent language of style and the assured steps she takes into the unfolding narrative of the day. In this scene, she is both a guardian of the past and a herald of the present, striding confidently into the future.

As a perfume: 

In the art of perfumery, where each fragrance is a story distilled into essence, there would be one that encapsulates the spirit of this scene: "Elegance of Epoch." This scent would be an olfactory journey through the graceful silhouettes and timeless fashion of a bygone era, yet with a modern twist that speaks to the soul of the contemporary woman.

"Elegance of Epoch" would commence with a crisp, vibrant opening, notes of bergamot and a whisper of spiced pear, reflecting the freshness of the scene, the lively step of the woman on the cobblestone. It would capture the crispness of the air, the silent yet potent promise of the impending winter, and the subtle strength that emanates from her poised stature.

As the heart of the fragrance unveils itself, it would weave a tapestry of rich houndstooth tweed and the creamy warmth of the turtleneck blouse she wears. The floral mid-notes would be reminiscent of a hidden garden in the midst of the city, with hints of peony and magnolia, grounded by a touch of leather and tobacco – a nod to the vintage brown brogues on her feet.

Finally, "Elegance of Epoch" would settle into a base of deep, resonant tones. Here, the earthiness of patchouli and the maturity of aged oakmoss would mingle with a musky vanilla – much like the historical depth of the ancient city steps she treads upon, paired with the modern sophistication of her vivid red handbag.

Wearing "Elegance of Epoch" would be like wrapping oneself in a narrative. Each note tells a part of her story – the elegance, the depth, the blend of the old with the new – a unique and emotional name that invites the wearer to make their own mark on the world, just as she does on the streets of her city.

"Elegance of Epoch."
"Elegance of Epoch." Sale price$75.00