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"Autumnal Reverie."

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Neckline: a high collar neckline
Sleeves: long/volume
Length: midi to maxi length
Material: cotton blend/lace


Amidst the rustling leaves of an old town's park, where the whispers of history echo through the air, Eun-Young strolls in solitude, her dress a tapestry of autumn's own design. The checkered pattern of her gown sways in harmony with the gentle breeze, its colors a blend of the earth's most natural palette. The high lace collar graces her neck, a soft echo of Victorian elegance, while her long, flowing sleeves dance with the wind, telling tales of timeless grace.

She carries a wicker basket, a collection of wildflowers nestled within, each bloom a silent testament to the quiet beauty of the world. Eun-Young's eyes, deep and thoughtful, reflect a soul that listens to the soft murmurings of the earth, finding solace in the simple pleasure of a flower's fragrance, the warmth of the sun's fading rays, and the complex beauty of an overcast sky.

Her footsteps are gentle upon the cobblestone path, a rhythmic complement to the distant chime of the afternoon bell. The world around her moves in a hasty blur, yet she remains unhurried, a figure of serenity in the midst of life's unending pace. There's a story in her gaze, a narrative woven into the folds of her dress—a story of quiet contemplation and the pursuit of moments that offer peace amidst chaos.

As twilight approaches, with a softness that dulls the edges of the day, Eun-Young turns homeward. The flowers in her basket will adorn her table, a vibrant splash of color against the soft candlelight. And there, in the quiet of her abode, the echoes of her day will mingle with the melody of the night, each stitch of her dress, each petal of the flowers, a verse in the poem of her life.

As a perfume: 

The image, steeped in a pastoral nostalgia and gentle femininity, conjures the vision of a perfume that could be named "Autumnal Reverie." This fragrance would capture the essence of a serene walk through a sun-dappled orchard, the rustle of leaves, and the earthy sweetness that hangs in the air as summer transitions into fall.

"Autumnal Reverie" would open with the crispness of fallen leaves and the ripe fruitfulness of a late harvest, with top notes of apple and pear giving way to the spiciness of cinnamon. Its heart would embody the golden warmth of the afternoon sun, a blend of amber and a subtle hint of chrysanthemum, reflecting the pattern of the subject's dress. The base notes would ground the fragrance in the richness of sandalwood and a whisper of vanilla, reminiscent of the comforting textures of the season.

This perfume would tell a tale of wistfulness and warmth, inviting the wearer to reminisce on bygone days with a sense of contentment and longing for the simple joys in life. "Autumnal Reverie" is not merely a scent but an olfactory narrative that speaks to the soul's yearning for moments of peace and introspection, wrapped in the cozy embrace of autumn's charm. It would be a unique and emotional ode to those fleeting, perfect moments when the world is a canvas of russet and gold, and the heart is full of quiet, unspoken dreams.

"Autumnal Reverie."
"Autumnal Reverie." Sale price$75.00